• Ortiz Borg posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    bubble entertainer to All Day Bubble Show

    Complete Stress Free Entertainment

    Giant Floating Bubbles and 1000s of Bubbles Kids and Adults

    Creating Giant Bubbles, Kids

    Inside a Bubble Extras = Bubble Stations

    and Giant Bubble

    Making Wands for Audience Participation,

    Do you

    remember those long summer days

    blowing bubbles and

    watching in shear amazement how

    they float and shimmer

    in the light, every bubble bringing happiness

    and joy to everybody

    watching, this is what i base my

    bubble shows on……. but bigger,

    much bigger bubbles and 1000s of bubbles

    and will also bring to your event bubble stations and bubble wands for tons

    of audience participation so everybody

    can enjoy “bubbling”