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    An exceptional sign of concrete monolithic buildings could be the fullness, once the fill-displaying elements of the dwelling take the inner part of the body from the structure. The principle material is established definite. All steps of creation are completed inside of the structure using formwork. Of the different types of such definite merchandise, it is actually worth emphasizing: straight marching components, go across-country stairways, U-, L-molded and screw choices.

    When developing region houses, the usage of staircase constructions on the stringer usually becomes relevant. The location of these sorts of outside structures can be successfully and easily diverse. Preferred are choices positioned in the center of the airline flight of staircases or around the aspect. Having a large product size, the two options works extremely well. Unlike a monolithic one, a staircase on the stringer is not going to occupy plenty of free place, and, subjected to higher-good quality overall performance, it is quite simple to use.

    In order to give a visual result when overlapping the steps from the side, a bowstring is used. Its principal factors are influenced by the type of fastening of the actions (in the sides, mortise or moving choices), the size of the step, the types of materials applied (wood, metallic, established cement). We give personal preference towards the second option of which, thus giving specific energy to cement goods and prolonging their procedure.

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