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    Learn about the E2 visa

    What exactly is the E2 visa program?

    The E2 visa program, also called the E2 visa, is a visa for tourists who wish to are living in the usa to operate and develop a business. The E2 Visa is a superb option for these looking to begin a business in the US.

    This is a nonimmigrant visa that may be released to people from the treaty countries of the usa (countries that have a continuous bilateral Trade and Maritime Agreement with america).

    The problems of the E2 visa

    Become a citizen of countries around the world that the us is really a signatory on the E2 Treaty

    The prospect have to demonstrate that he or she is or maybe investing a significant quantity in a real business in the states. The applicant needs to be the entrepreneur, the exec level, or personal at least 50% of the business importance.

    The prospect need to confirm that she / he is coming into the US using the exclusive intent behind operating and developing the business through which they spend.

    During the period of positioning an E2 visa, the investor’s business should keep a certain procedure and productivity, and generate jobs and revenue for natural loudspeakers.

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