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    Drilling Equipment Series – KERUI Petroleum for DummiesIn case of any Buyer stopping working to pay the complete purchase rate and Purchaser premium, of any lots (the “Sale Cost”) within the applicable time (according to the pertinent statement), failing to eliminate the lots as aforesaid, NUCO shall have a lien over the lots and will can re-sell such lots without notification to the Purchaser.NUCO shall under no circumstances be liable to the Purchaser for any losses or damages suffered by the Buyer as a result of the termination of any sale concluded in respect of any lots or the failure or failure of NUCO to provide any of the lots. The Purchaser picks as domicillium citandi et executandi for all purposes developing herefrom the physical address reflected above.In the occasion of it becoming necessary for NUCO to take any action against the Buyer consents to pay all the attendant expenses and costs incurred as between attorney and own customer. Source to the jurisdiction on the Magistrate’s Court. However, in case of a claim going beyond the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court, NUCO will be entitled to set up an action in any competent department of the High Court of South Africa if it chooses to do so. NOV 1000 HP AC/VFD Drilling Rig for Sale, Land Rigs for Sale, Getting My Drilling Rig 1000HP for Sale – New – Worldoils To WorkBy signing this file the signatory hereby cedes, appoints, transfers and makes over unto and in favour of the Seller and/or the auctioneer his/her/its ideal title and interest to all his/her/its movable residential or commercial property an if necessary unmovable property signed up in his/her/its name, such as suffices to please his/her/its indebtedness to the seller and to the auctioneer. Tuscany :. Truck Mounted Rig Package In case of the signatory opposing any legal procedures instituted in regards to this stipulation, any expense order gotten against the signatory in any court of law will be on the scale as in between attorney and own client. Conserve for the announcements referred to above and terms and conditions consisted of in the Buyers Guide, no variations or modifications hereto shall be of any force of effect unless minimized in writing and signed by both parties.